letters, journals, emails, written correspondence with officials or authorities, etc.

Marketing and Advertising:

When translating marketing and advertising texts, intercultural competence and creativity is a must. Only this will make it possible to formulate a marketing message and adapt it to the lingual and geographical traits of the target language. Through my study abroad in Italy and various residencies in England, I have internalised the thought and language world of Italian and English culture, enabling me to recognise cultural and lingual differences and consider these when formulating the marketing message.

This allows you to visualise your product in the German-speaking world. And the same applies to image brochures for companies, and to website localisation. Only a person with inside knowledge regarding the local situation in the target market will be able to adapt the public image of a company or institution accordingly. I can draw on rich experiences with the following types of text from this sector:

  • Advertising brochures
  • Catalogues
  • Advertising and PR-texts
  • Sales literature
  • Newsletters
  • Newspaper articles
  • Flyers
  • Image brochures
  • Customer journals
  • Website localisation for companies and institutions

Tourism and Hotel industry:

Just as in marketing and advertising, the knowledge of intercultural differences plays a decisive role when translating for this sector. To avoid misunderstandings (to say nothing of possibly embarrassing situations), translations of tourism texts must take account of information about national characteristics, as well as social behaviour and rules. Under certain circumstances, the original text must be adapted so that the translation is consistent and contains all necessary regional information.

A hotel or vacation destination will attract visitors only if one is able to highlight what makes it extraordinary. By translating numerous travel guides for Italian artistic cities and regions, as well as for cities from the English-speaking world, I have learned to convey the mentality and flair of the country in question so that cultural differences only awaken curiosity and are felt as an expansion of the cultural horizon. The types of texts I have translated from this area include:

  • Travel guides
  • Prospectuses
  • Brochures
  • Catalogues
  • Travel documents
  • Travel offers
  • Customer communication
  • Tourist information
  • Hotel homepages

Gastronomy and Cuisine:

When translating in this area, knowledge of a language’s idiosyncrasies is crucial. A direct, word-for-word translation from the source language into the target language can lead to fatal consequences. Translating numerous travel guides in which the presentation of menus and recipes or the description of culinary specialties occupy a fairly significant space has given me a certain routine that is indispensable with this type of translation.


Art, Literature and Media:

Since I translated literary texts during my studies, making literature one of my specialties was an obvious choice. In this field, aesthetics and style are in the forefront, but an exact depiction of situations is also required. Translations in the artistic sector presume not only well-founded knowledge of a country’s culture, but also a feeling for the language’s subtleties and the ability to place oneself in particular worlds of style and imagery.

And I was able to adopt a certain routine in this area as well, by translating travel guides related to art history. The world of media presupposes special inside knowledge of the source language, since synonyms for technical terms must be found in the target language when translating press releases or newspaper articles. The following types of text belong to my portfolio in this area:

  • Artists’ publications
  • Short stories
  • Film scripts
  • Cultural programmes
  • Press releases
  • Newspaper articles
  • Reports
  • Scholarly writing
  • Journal translations

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