Translation and localisation

Italian to German


In this language pair, I focus on marketing and tourism. I mainly translate image brochures for advertising agencies and management consultancies, newsletters for public authorities and offices, travel guides for publishing houses, advertising material for resorts, and informative material for cruise lines. In the area of localisation, in which measurements, units and country-specific content is adapted to the target language, my portfolio includes the internet presence of a well-known Italian TV station and the websites of multiple companies working in the traditional Italian food industry.

My projects in the tourism sector include translations of travel guides for Milan, London and New York from Italian to German for an Italian publishing firm. Since every travel guide gives special attention to food and drink, I gained insider knowledge of Italian cuisine and gastronomy, thereby becoming an expert in an additional subject area. This entailed translating a collected volume of Italian recipes and localising the internet site of a southern Italian wine cellar.

In my special field of art, I have mostly concentrated on translating non-fiction and travel guides concerned with art history. In the area of literature, my portfolio includes an anthology of short stories and the translation of secondary literature related to the famous novel “I Malavoglia”. In the media sector, I have primarily translated statements to the press, as well as newspaper articles.

English to German


In this language pair, I also focus on marketing and tourism. My English-to-German translations for tourism mainly feature catalogues, brochures and informational material for local hotels and event organisers. Within my special area of art and media, I have also translated reviews, statements to the press, and newspaper articles into German.

Of course, I am also available in both language pairs for translating general texts such as letters, journals, emails and all types of written correspondence with public authorities and offices.

I included the sample translations for the language pairs Italian-to-German and English-to-German in my portfolio at not only due to their great number of technical terms whose use requires a certain degree of expertise, but mainly due to their stylistic subtleties which play a special role when translating specialised texts and require a routine to match.

For additional information, please visit my profile on, where you will find these sample translations as well as my complete curriculum vitae and a number of important references.

Proofreading / Editing

During proofreading, the text to be translated is checked only for grammar, spelling, punctuation and typos.

When editing a text, intercultural differences regarding style and content are taken into account as well. In so doing, the textual connections from the original and translated texts are evaluated to ensure that the word choice and possible metaphors of the text to be translated match the cultural context of the original.

I offer these services for both language pairs (Italian-to-German and English-to-German). The texts to be proofread or edited must be written in German, in accordance with the “native speaker” principle (translation only in the translator’s native language).

Text production

The native speaker principle is emphasised as a prerequisite for quality control in text production as well. I would be glad to rework your translated texts (in German) from the educational, professional, official and public authority sectors, or to supplement text passages and transfer your documents (such as a letter of application) into the prescribed form.

Important note regarding my services

Before I accept an offer, you must email me all texts to be translated so I can view them in advance. Please use the contact form for this purpose. Then I will soon let you know whether I can accept a job, and will send you my offer at the same time.


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